First Name: Shahin
Family Name: Nariman
Date of Birth: September 11, 1973
Place of Birth: Tehran - Iran
Nationality: Iranian Marital
Status: Married
Add.: 1404, No:125, 14th St. East North Vancouver BC V7L0E6
Physician candidate code in Canada: 14558-69675 (

To enhance my career in a challenging and responsible position in a national or international development organization where hard work, responsibilities, skill, performance are the criteria for one’s appraisal and recognition. In achieving this aspiration, I am determined to offer honesty, efficiency and sincerity up to the optimum level.

1988 -1992:Acquiring high school diploma, majoring empiricism from Montazeri high school.
1993 (October) - 2000 (August):Acquiring MD Certificate from Iran Medical Sciences University.
2001 - 2004:Acquiring Specialty Board certification in Pediatric from Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University. (Being active in Mofid children Hospital throughout the curriculum)
2006 - 2008:Acquiring Subspecialty Board certification in Neonatology from Shahid Beheshti Medical Science University. (Being active in Mofid children Hospital throughout the curriculum)
2004:Being the fifth in the ranking of Pre-Board examination in Iran.


2004 - 2006:Teaching in the School of Nursing in Kerman University of Medical Sciences (Zarand Branch) and in the School of Nursing in Islamic Azad University (Zarand Branch)
2004 (November):Instuctor of pediatric ER Issues Workshop for the MDs in Tehran-Iran.
2005 (May):Instuctor of Didactic Workshop for Promoting Nutrition by Breast feeding for nurses and midwives in Tehran-Iran.
2005:Instuctor of Didactic Workshops of Neonates & children ER for nurses in Nursing School of Zarand University, Kerman-Iran.
2005 (March): Instructor of Re-didactic Workshop for General Physician in Tehran-Iran.
2006 - 2007:Instuctor of Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop in Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences
2007:Instuctor of Neonatal Intensive Care Workshop for the nurses and midwives of Erfan Hospital in Tehran-Iran.
2007 (December): Instructor of Children ER Workshop for the nurses of Chamran Hospital in Tehran-Iran.
2009 (Fall Semester): Teaching to the Neonatal Intensive Care MS students of nursing in Tehran University of Medical Sciences
2010 to 2013: Instructor of Neonatal Resuscitation(NRP) and KMC and Breast feeding Workshops in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran-Iran.
2011- 2017: Teaching in the School of Nursing in Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran-Iran (NICU trend)
2011- up to now KMC and NRP workshop in Tehran University of medical Sciences, Tehran-Iran

1. Books:
- Mother & Neonate - Mehr Arya & Ghalam Ashena Publication - 2002 by Dr. Shahin Nariman & Sanaz Aynechian First Edition , Page numbers: 87
- Guide line in IVIG – Pediatric Infection Research Center of Shahid Beheshti Medical Science University -2004 by Dr. Shahin Nariman & Dr. Said Mehrpour under the supervision of Dr. Abdollah Karimi This guide line is first edition for Iranian physician in IVIG field on the basis of UBC IVIG guideline in Canada, page numbers: 120
- Editing of the translation of Nelson Book, Neonates Chapter - Hayyan Publication 2007
- Quick Exposition of Blood Gases & Ventilation in Neonates & Kids by Dr. Masoumeh Mohkam & Dr. Shahin Nariman - Pediatric Infection Research Center 2010 (Fall) first edition, Page numbers:84

2. Articles:
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4. Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor (case report) printed in the Neo Review american electronic Journal in June 2009.
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10. Alizadeh P. , Godarzi Z. ,Shariat M., Nariman Sh., Matin E. . The Effect of Massage Therapy by Sunflower Oil on Neonates for Length of Hospital Stay from the Hospital April2012-March2013 aumj 2013, 2(2): p.59-66 ISSN 1735-6679
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3. Conferences, Congresses, Research activities & Workshops:
- International:
> Member of Executive Committee of the 2nd Congress of Updates in Hematology & Oncology Sept. 24-25, 2001
> Attendance in International workshop on organization of neonatal services in the south-Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries : Marmaris –Turkey May 2010
> Attendance in ESPGHAN congress in Italy(Sorento) May 2011
> Attendance in Recent Advances in Neonatology congress in Germany, Wurzburg 2-4 Oct 2011 (Poster Presentation with title Congenital Arhinia )
> Attendance in Surfactant Replacement Therapy Seminar in Portugal,Jun 2012.
> Attendance in NUTRITION Seminar in Netherland( Amsterdam) , May 2015
> Attendance in THE 5TH NUTRICIA MESEAA (Middle East, South East Asia & Africa) medical nutrition conference 4th -7th March 2015 Istanbul-Turkey
> Attendance in International Pediatric Congress 17-22 Aug. 2016 CANADA- VANCOUVER : IPA ( Poster Presentation) :Poster presentation in this international Pediatric Congress with title Urinary Uric Acid/Creatinine Ratio as a Marker of Mortality and Unfavorable Outcome in NICU-Admitted Neonates
> Attendance in Neonatal Ventilator Workshop Dec. 2016 Germany
> Attendance in ESPGHAN congress in Prague,Czech Republic May 2017
> Attendance in 8th Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine in Germany, Wurzburg 8-10 Oct 2017 Two Posters presentation in this neonatal symposium in Wurzburg-Germany with title Relationship between MVP and IVH and Urine uric acid to urine creatinine ratio as a marker of asphyxia

> Taking part in the Screening of Esophageal Cancer Program in Turkmen Sahara in 1993 with the management of Dr. Farrokh Saidi. This project was conducted in 2 different phases as 2 days Pilot Study and 5 days in Turkmen Sahara.
> Member of Hematology & Oncology Research Center of Tehran Medical Science University under the management of Dr. Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh Feb. 2000 - Oct. 2001
> Lecturer in the workshop of Family Planning in Tous Hospital in Tehran in Aug. 2001.
> Presentation of an article as; Causes of Hyperuricemia in obese children & its inter relations to the fatness factors by Dr. Shadab Salehpour & Dr. Shahin Nariman, in the Annual Gathering of Iran Pediatricians Assembly and 26th memorial ceremony of Dr. Mohammad Gharib May 15-19 2004.
> Oral Presentation of 2 articles as; Neonates Testicles Torsion by Dr. Shahin Nariman & Dr. Ahmad Khalegnezhad Tabari and NAG Urine Analysis & the related factors in the Beta- Thalassemia Major Patients by Dr. Masoumeh Mohkam - Dr. Shahin Nariman - Dr. Shahin Shamsian - Dr. Mohammad Taghi Arzanian & Dr. Latif Gachkar, in the Annual Gathering of Iran Pediatricians Assembly and 27th memorial ceremony of Dr. Mohammad Gharib May 2005.
> Presentation of an article as; Follow up & Treatment of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia by Dr. Seyed Hossein Fakhraie & Dr. Shahin Nariman, in he 3rd Children Medical ERs Gathering in March 2006.
> Oral Presentation of an article as; Neonatal Gasterointestinal ERs, by Dr. Seyed Hossein Fakhraie & Dr. Shahin Nariman, in the 4th Children Medical ERs Gathering in March 2007.
> Lecturer of INSURE Research Plan in Simorgh Hotel ,Tehran, March 2008.
> Lecturer of Surfactant Administration Results & the Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (NCPAP) in 3 different weight categories as £1500, 1501-2500 & > 2500 in the neonates suffered by Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the NICU departments of Mahdieh & Mofid Hospitals in the 3rd Iran Perinatology & Health of the Infants Gathering in the Medical Science Zanjan University in July 2010.
> Lecture of Late Preterm Neonate Care in the 4rd Iran Perinatology & Health of the Infants Gathering in the Medical center Milad Hospital in July 2011.
> Member of Scientific committee 2nd Iranian Neonatal Health Congress : IRAN Nov. 2015
> Member of Scientific committee 3rd Iranian Neonatal Health Congress : IRAN Nov. 2016
> Member of Scientific committee 4rd Iranian Neonatal Health Congress : IRAN Nov. 2017
> Speaker and Teacher in many workshops : NRP(Neonatal Resuscitation Program), Breast Feeding , KMC (Kangaroo Mother Care) in University and Private and Governmental Hospitals 

1. Chief Resident in the last year of Pediatric Residency in Tehran Mofid Hospital and Chief Fellow in Fellowship course of neonatology in Tehran Mofid Hospital.
2. Health & Treatment Network Manager in Zarand - Kerman 2005-2006
3. Member of Focal Point in the Neonate Screening Hypothyroidism by the Ministry of Health Nov. 2004-Aug. 2006.
4. Member of Mortality Children & Neonates in Kerman Medical Science University.
5. Head of the Medical Comitee in the Heaith Care Service Office in Zarand - Kerman 2005-2006.
6. Division of Head NICU Department of Arash Rointan Women Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences from Aug. 2010.
7. Member of Iranian Neonatology Society
8. Pediatric and Neonatology Department ADMINISTRATOR in Atieh Hospital(Private center) from Jan.2013
9. Member of Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) and certification for new model of training on the basis of Simulation (Canadian curriculum)
10. Full time cooperation with TKJ company branch of Canadian company in IRAN for life saving medicine (BLES) as medical supervisor and consultant and market improvement
11. Member of Breast feeding Workshops Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) from 2010 up to now
12. Member of Neonatal mortality and morbidity in Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) Tehran-Iran 

Editorial and Reviewer of Academic Journals:
1. Editorial Board member, Journal of Comprehensive Pediatrics: 2012-present (

MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Browsing, Power Point. SPSS

Language Reading Listening Speaking Writing
Persian Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
English(IELTS 6) Moderate(5.5) Moderate(6) Moderate(7) Moderate(6)

1) Memorial from Farabi’s Ophthalmology Center affiliated Tehran University of Medical Sciences for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) prevention and reduce the rate of this disease among preterm newborns admitted in NICU
2) Memorial from vice chancellor for remedy of Tehran University of Medical Sciences for effective role in Neonatal Resuscitation Civil Program and neonatal mortality rate (NMR) reduction

Swimming, Cinema, Internet, Hiking, Charity and Philanthropic activity for poor people and patients

References: (Recommendation letters)
1. Prof.Dr.Seyed Alireza Marandi: Professor of pediatrics (Neonatology) and President, Academy of Medical Sciences Iran
2. Prof.Dr.Hossein Fakhrae: MD, FAAP, Professor of Neonatology, Head division of neonatology department of Mofid Children’s Hospital (Shahid beheshti University)
3. Prof.Dr.Mohammad Ghofrani: Professor of pediatric neurology and Chairman of Pediatric Neurology Research Center (PNRC)
4. Prof.Dr.Aliakbar Haghdoost: MD,PhD, Professor of epidemiology and vice chancellor for educational planning and extension in Minister of Health and Education at Iran
5. Prof.Dr.abdollah Karimi : Chief of the department of pediatric infectious disease and Pediatric Infectious Research Center (PIRC)
6. Prof.Dr.Taghi Baghdadi: Professor of pediatric orthopedic surgery